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The Experience

The connections that you have with the photos you hold in your hands are what make photography so magical. It's not how "Pinterest Perfect" the ceremony, how expensive the dress, or how elaborate the venue, that make these memories so valuable. It's your grandma's old locket, the way your father holds your hand as he walks you down the aisle, the way his eyes light up when he lifts your veil, and even the smeared mascara from all the happy tears.

My passion as a photographer is to capture all that is you. Your unique love. Those one of a kind moments with unpredictable emotions that leave you laughing, crying and blushing. 

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The Photographer

I'm a moments girl.


Sometimes I need a moment alone in the closet with a chocolate bar, but my favorite ones are the rush of reaching the summit, the overflowing joy of holding my newborn babies, the thrill of shredding some singletrack with my husband, the chaos of all five of us camping in the rain, and the peace of a foggy morning in the valley, picking our homegrown kale while the chickens scratch for their breakfast, and the comfort of our Friday night tradition, music in front of a crackling fire.


But these are mine.


The wonderful thing about life is that we each get our own moments. That's why I'm so passionate about photography.


I can't wait to learn about yours!

Motionless Storytelling

Emotional Journalism

Relivable Memories

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